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Roommate Rules Guide

When you move into a new apartment or a house, you may or may not be well acquainted with the person you are moving in with. Even if it is a friend you are moving in with, you may not be aware of their living habits and the same applies for them with regard to you. So, how do you get along with this new or fairly new person??

First off, getting a really understanding roommate is difficult to come by. Make the best of what you have. You do not have to be best buddies, but developing a mature relationship goes a long way. If you understand your roommate’s requirements and respect their space and personality, you can both hit off. However, it always is a good idea to set some ground rules about daily your lives; and you don’t have to feel bad about addressing it first. First things first, are you to have friends and guests over? Can they spend the night at your place? Or are they expected to leave for their own places after a certain time? Do you need to give each other an advanced heads-up about visiting guests? Talk about these basic things and reach a consensus. Next, are you to keep a fixed room temperature to save power? Are extra fans or room heaters allowed in your bedrooms? These questions may seem silly, but they eventually constitute important fragment to a smoothly working relationship in the house.

Address questions over expenses, food and other specifics. While you may split the rent, there are other bills that need to be paid. Pen down who pays for what, especially the things that you share like garbage bags, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and the likes. Who is to get the groceries and pay for them? Will you be sharing that too? Sometimes it is easier to split the refrigerator and the pantry. That way you can keep a track of your expenses on food and do not have to depend on the other person to restack the supplies. With regard to chores, which assume acute importance in a household, roommates need to decide who takes up what? You may alternate, or switch every week. Preferably have a board with the daily chores on it, and the initials of the person of who does what underneath it. Keep ticking off as you are done with your chore. It helps you keep track of the tasks completed and maintains order in the house.

There are other smaller questions to be addressed too while you are going over all the majorly important ones. Is drinking and smoking to be allowed? Can you keep pets? What time do you switch off the radio and the television? Since you are opening up to sharing your home with another individual, you have to share a lot more than you think. Be a sport and share your television preferences; you might like the show your roommate wants to watch. You never know.

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