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Do you feel оvеrwhеlmеd at the thоught of соnduсtіng roommate interviews? Don’t worry! Even though it can be daunting interviewing roommates, you can find the perfect roommate by simply taking one step at a time.

The key to ѕuссеѕѕfullу соnduсtіng іntеrvіеwѕ іѕ tаkіng thе time with your roommates to decide step by step how your household will co-ordinate the interviewing process. By focusing on each task individually, you’ll find conducting interviews less overwhelming and the interviewing process more manageable. When the interviewing process runs smoothly, you’ll be more relaxed and your mind less cluttered, which makes it easier to choose a roommate that’s right for your household.

So, how can you get the ball rolling and conduct successful roommate interviews? Just follow these 8 simple steps and you’ll no longer find planning interviews a daunting experience.

  1. Make A List of Candidates to Interview

This list should include people who you have already asked to attend an interview and those you wish to invite. The number will depend on the amount of suitable respondents, promised interviews and the time available. So that you can compare the candidates to each other, you should interview at least 3 people.

  1. Create An Interview Timetable

To ensure all roommates can attend each interview you should set aside 1 or 2 days that are convenient to all household members. Even though each interview will last about an hour, you should leave more time in your timetable in case an interview goes longer than expected or a person arrives late.

  1. Prepare Questions

Each potential roommate should be asked the same set of questions plus any additional questions you may have that are specific to that person’s situation. The objective of each question you ask is to find out if the interviewee matches the profile of your household’s perfect roommate. When preparing questions, it’s important to include questions about finances, previous living experiences, housework and lifestyle.

  1. Design Your Interview Questionnaire

Filling in a questionnaire with the questions you have prepared helps you keep track of the responses you will receive and ensures that you don’t forget to ask any important questions. Creating a questionnaire is as easy as setting up a template that lists the questions you have prepared with spaces in between each question for you to write the answers given by interviewees plus any additional notes.

  1. Answering Questions And Giving Out Information

You and your roommates will need to work out answers to questions that you may be asked during interviews and which information you would like to provide to potential roommates. This is especially important if there have been recent upheavals in your household.

  1. Decide Interview Place and Tone

The location where you conduct interviews and whether interviews are formal or more relaxed is important as they play an integral part in the first impression you create about your household and how it runs. If your household currently consists of just yourself, it’s a good idea to meet prospective roommates in public place like a Café or shopping center. After you feel comfortable with a candidate, you can invite them to inspect your home.

  1. Invite Selected People To Interviews

When inviting people to interviews you should ring them as early as possible so that they can meet you within the time frame you have set aside for interviews. Sometimes you may need to alter your schedule to fit in with the interviewee’s previous engagements especially if you are ringing them at short notice or you feel they could be your perfect roommate.

  1. Review and Amendments

After setting interview times with potential roommates, you will need to hold a small meeting with your roommates to confirm interview times and make any further decisions or arrangements, for example, deciding whether to select another person to interview if a previously selected potential roommate has already found a new home.

These 8 steps are designed to guide you through the planning stage of the roommate interviewing process. Just remember, by taking one step at a time, everything will fall into place and you’ll never feel overwhelmed at the prospect of interviewing roommates again!

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