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Questions To Be Asked Before Moving Together

Moving together can be a lot of fun, but it can also be an uphill task. Assuming that the two individuals moving in together are mature adults, there should not be much hassle in the process of settling down. Moving in, in a relationship however, can throw up few new questions. So, before you in fact move in, it’s best you address those crucial questions lingering in the back of your mind.

What are you or your partner expecting?

It may so happen that you consider moving in to be the last step in your relationship. However, your partner may not be on the same page as you. For them, it might be the first step towards building something stronger. They might be looking at marriage and kids with you. Are you ready for it? Your future needs to be addressed before you sign the lease to your place, and no one should be made to feel rushed it. It never works to start a life which has been forced upon you.

How are you to address conflict?

Misunderstandings and conflict are part and parcel of everyone’s lives. While you cannot do away with it, you could, may be have a mature approach to solve things as these. Will you let your partner cool off and then bring it up, engage in a conversation and sort it? Or just sweep it under the rug and let it all accumulate? While the latter is not advisable at all, how you deal with situations as these are best brought up before moving in together. Communication is the key to any working mechanism. If you share a good understanding with your partner, you should hesitate to address such misunderstandings with them.

Who pays for what?

On the onset, you might agree to share the payments. While it is a very healthy start by sharing the rent, there are more bills to pay for. It matters who pays for everyday purchases like groceries, and garbage bags, toilet paper and the likes. It might be easier for people with substantial income; however, people on a budget might find it a little difficult. In order to avoid that, it is best that you decide who will pay for what.

Who is to do the chores?

Chores assume greater importance in any apartment. You are looking at serious conflict if you do not have the chores clearly divided between the two of you. Who will be doing the laundry? Does that person know how the other partner has their laundry done? Who is to put out the garbage? Who will be doing the dishes? Who will be taking care of the grocery? Most importantly, who will be doing the cooking? You can say you will share the work, but everyone has their days when you do not want to do any chore. It is best to have you chores divided, and the days on which who will be doing do what, and stick to it for smooth sailing.

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