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Living With A Roommate

Some of us are used to dealing with roommates when we were younger because our parents forced us to share a room with a sibling. However, others of us are sharing a room for the very first time when we leave for college or finally move out of our parents’ house. The forms we fill out for roommate compatibility are never very long. They try to match non-smokers with non-smokers, early risers with early risers, and vegans with other vegans. Otherwise, it is a completely random selection process.

Therefore, it is hit or miss whether your freshman year roommate will become your best friend or your worst enemy. Either way, you have to live with them all year so you need to find a way to make it work. Whatever the issues are with your roommate, you need to go into survival mode. Hopefully the person you live with is a rational human being that will respect your side of the room and your privacy. One common issue is the bathroom. If you are fortunate to have a personal bathroom in the room and you are both morning shower-ers, you could run into a problem. When you each have a 9 AM class and like to sleep in, the bathroom suddenly holds new importance. Showering, teeth brushing, and make-up applying all takes substantial amounts of time and when you both need to use the only mirror, it can get crowded and frustrating.

In this situation, you can save time and stress by just purchasing a bedroom vanity! This small piece of furniture does not need to take up much room but make sure that it has a big mirror and a few drawers for your cosmetics. Then you only need the bathroom for your shower and you do not need to wait for the mirror to de-fog before you apply your eyeliner. This personal vanity will give you all the mirror time you need and things will already be better off between you and your roommate.

Not all people are big fans of sharing clothes, in fact, they might even have a phobia concerning the sharing process, and so this should be one of the first things you should discuss with your future roommate. Plus, not everyone might give you the thumbs up to use his or her computer.

Something you could share and that could make everyone happy would be, of course, food. Everyone is up to saving some money, but you need to pay attention you don’t actually spend more than you need, especially if you are on a diet pr you are not that big of an eater.

This bathroom scenario can be applied to any situation you and your roommate might be having. If you have a hard time-sharing the closet, try to purchase a small clothing organizer that rolls under your bed. You save space in the closet and your items are easy to find. If you cannot agree on what time the light goes out at night, buy an eye mask for the evenings that you go to bed early. Compromise and be respectful of each other’s space and things will work out fine. You never know how much of a difference the purchase of an inexpensive bedroom vanity can make!

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