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How To Make Your Studio Apartment Look Bigger and Better

Just like everything else, there are positives and negatives of living in a studio apartment. The positive and probably the biggest advantage that comes with studio apartments is their inherent nature of cutting down costs. Since the space is less, you use less electricity, need a smaller air conditioner or room heater; need lesser furniture and objects, thus requiring less expenditure. The negative comes in the limitations when you think of decorating the apartment since it calls for saving space and multi-purpose furniture and other objects.

However, instead of considering it a negative, take it up as a challenge or a fun filled activity, whichever excites you. You need to know some of the many tricks that are used by designers to decorate smaller spaces and to make them appear larger. Here are a few such tricks and tips to help you out in decorating a studio apartment:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to choose furniture which perform more than one function. A study table which is a part of a shelf instead of being a standalone furniture, nestled tools which can be pulled out when needed or pushed back when not and the like.
  • Try to use as much wall space and height as possible. Get a shelf which covers the length of your wall and can hold books, CDs, DVDs, has a rack for television and storage space for other things in the lower sections. Get wall shelves made which save even more space.
  • There are sofas and tools available in the market which can be used for keeping soiled clothes before washing. There is storage space inside once you open the lids. You can also choose sofas which can be opened to become beds.
  • Try to keep your furniture away from the wall – this creates an illusion of more space and also creates room for movement which is essential since you will have everything placed in one room.
  • Light colors do the trick. This makes the room look brighter and bigger. If possible, get the furniture and upholstery of the same color as the wall which will enhance the effect.
  • Create separate zones using the furniture and other objects in the room. Create a seating zone which can be geared towards a television. Have a zone for entertainment which can be simply a rug and a few cushions.

Most importantly, keep your room clutter free as much as possible or else, your work might start intruding your sleep and your entertainment might be interrupted by the smell of rotten food on unwashed dishes. Use light colors for the floor too. If you can spend a bit more then have the ceiling decorated by bright colors or designs. This acts as a distraction from the small space of the room and creates the illusion of a bigger space. Get shelved and stick on lights which are slightly dimmer and will also give you an alternative to a standing lamp. Think, innovate and decorate!

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