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How to Find the Perfect Roommate

Sharing accommodation was always popular among students, but with the economic recession, it’s becoming an attractive option for everyone. If you are considering rental property for your own accommodation, it might be a good idea to find a roommate. There are рlеntу оf websites аvаіlаblе today offering roommate finder services and depending on your requirements, you can easily find someone who can be the other pea in the pod and won’t be an obstacle to your lifestyle.

When you’re doing your roommate search, you can start by using a free roommate finder. These are websites meant to help you with matching certain attributes that your chosen roommate must have. For instance, if you love to sleep until late morning, a roommate with a penchant for waking up at the crack of dawn is not a person you will like to live with. What should you look for in the perfect roommate?

First, it’s your roommate’s gender. Some people are quite comfortable with sharing their accommodation with either gender, but you shouldn’t be too quick to accept anyone. Think about how someone from the opposite gender could affect your current household, in terms of existing roommates, varied lifestyles, personalities, certain gender-oriented characteristics etc. The age of your roommate will be another point of consideration. People of different ages hold different viewpoints, interests and living patterns.

Specify whether your household is smoking-friendly or non-smoking. You don’t want any arguments after all the living arrangements are made. Drinking habits should also be discussed prior to accepting anyone as a roommate, because if the grocery expenses are shared, either party may not be happy about spending money on alcohol.

Personalities influence a group’s dynamics and interaction pattern. If you have several roommates and some of them are quiet and laid-back while the others are loud and outgoing, you will definitely notice some friction between the two types. Ensure you make a thorough selection by understanding each person’s personality. Hobbies and interests are equally important in this equation, because if tastes in entertainment, food and activities differ considerably among the roommates, conflicts are quite likely to occur.

Be clear about the roommate’s expected length of stay. Some rentals are provided on an annual basis, while others are just monthly or weekly. Clarifying such issues and binding the agreement on paper are essential if you are to have a good relationship with your roommates. Additionally, you should look for a roommate who has a similar entertaining style to you. If you prefer a quiet household and your roommate constantly entertains people, it will not work out very well. Your roommate’s level of independence will play a key role as well, especially if it conflicts with your own style. Furthermore, make sure you find out if your chosen roommate has any belongings to be brought into the place. If you have a small flat and your roommate wants to bring a large sofa set, it won’t be a practical arrangement.

Start your roommate search by using all of this as practical guidelines. You can utilise a free roommate search facility or roommate finder service to ensure you find just the right roommate.

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