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Home Inventory For Roommates

Why would you want invest your precious time into making something as an inventory of the things at home? You’re quite right when you think of the time that goes into making the inventory. However, pause for a minute and just ponder over this: what if, just hypothetically speaking, there was a natural disaster or a fire, or even a theft; would it make your task any easier if you did not know which things you lost? One is more likely to be dealing with the emotional repercussions of the impact that the situation pushes one in. While material things may not assume as much value as one’s life, but they eventually come into the picture as one makes sense of the experience. While the bigger, more visible things are easier to spot when missing, the smaller things, like jewelry and small collectibles are not so easily spotted. It is, therefore, advisable to keep an inventory handy.

Also, the inventory comes to very good use when making claims of insurance wherein one has to make an account of the number of objects lost. Irrespective of the fact if you’re a homeowner, or have rented out your home, you must invest some of your time in making the inventory. In order for you to claim your insurance, one you must have your homeowners’ insurance. People renting out their place should also, in fact, have their renters’ insurance made; since replacing lost property can be quite a burden, monetarily. While you lay your claim to be reimbursed for lost property, one is asked to furnish details of the lost items, and it a lot less hassle if you have a document listing the item you own, along with the maximum details about the particular item. For example, if it is details of a laptop that your may be entering, it is advisable to get as much information as you can, like its manufacturer, the model number and the likes.

It is also advisable to have a video footage of the articles in the house. Start with the living room, and move on to the other rooms. This way, you have further proof of the things you own, and can slowly begin putting the information in a list. You can have a hard copy of the items you own, or just make an excel sheet of the same and store it in some place safe, like your Drop box or have it on your email; so that you cannot lose it under any circumstance. It is even more crucial that you keep updating your inventory. At least once a year, the inventory must be updated. However, it can vary depending on the number of times you make valuable purchases or receive them as gifts.

Having a home inventory is simply a method to have a backup, in case something is lost. Nobody likes loses, but if you do experience one, you will at least have the evidence and data to have it replaced.

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